I’m Leaving You

I m leaving you,
I have nowhere to go, no one cares,
Where will I go? I don’t know, I feel I’m floating on air.
What will I do? Only time will tell,
This is why I’m leaving you.

My heart can’t take the pain anymore,
My body aches and my soul wants to burst forth,
Why must I leave you? Why must I make you suffer?
Only time will tell.

When the time is right, I will search for you,
When my heart can take the pain.
I will love you again but until then,
I must leave you.

My world is spinning out of control,
There’s so much that I still hold.
What will I find? Only time will tell,
This is why I’m leaving you.

This poem was written/submitted by Darian Silvermane.

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7 Responses to “I’m Leaving You”

  1. sonya rector says:

    that`s cute but at least say what happen to make you leave. i told my ex that it wasn`t workin out because i didn`t love him at this time but now he`s back and i love all over again.

  2. bianca nelson says:

    i like your poem it’s very good i write poetry myself i got two notebooks of poems that i wrote, keep up the good work and remember put god first bye.

  3. Autumn says:

    i like it gets straight to the point

  4. Rebecca Figueroa says:

    you poem is very inspiring. and when i read in between the lines it makes me think more in depth about what you wrote.poems aren’t always about the obvious and yours proves that they arent but that they can be very wise to

  5. KaRyL aNn says:

    It only took seconds to notice u
    loving u was a big REGRET
    leaving u wasnt
    i dont feel sorry 4 u i feel sorry 4 myself
    i wasted all that time believing a person who cant stare at my eyes n say i luv u
    im leaving u because of the fact that
    i LOVE U isnt enough to prove me thatur telling the truth

  6. Skylier says:

    that was amazing only wish i had the guts to tell him that

  7. ava says:

    Beautiful poems

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