In loving memory of Mother

God saw you in too much pain
You suffered so much though you didn’t complain
You always said do not worry about me I’ll be Ok
How I cried and Felt all alone the Day you left us
You always said God was our father some day
He would call us back home
I didn’t understand at first why he took you
I was not to question the work of god
I finally realized he loved you so much
He said you were not to suffer any longer
He took you home and made you an angel
I will always love you.

In Loving memory of Mother.

This poem was written/submitted by Georgia.

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31 Responses on “In loving memory of Mother”

HELEN says:

right words for her

mrsdoris says:

im loking for a poem , my mother passed away 2 yrs this comming may and these poems help me understand a little more , thank u so much

Crystal Broadus says:

On March 25 my mom will be gone for 5 years. She passed away at 60 years old with cancer. She’s had 2 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren born since then. I think about her everyday and I pray she was here to meet the 6 kids that will never know the best woman I ever knew… thanks for letting me read your poem..

dylan vandiver says:

i am fourteen years old my mother died december 11,2009. at first i was lost and did not have any clue of what to do, i even started blamming myself but when i read or write poems it makes me feel better

liz says:

im 19 and my mam died november gone aged 52 i couldnt understand y god took her from me but after reading ur poem it helped me understand a bit better thanks

sarah says:

i’m 14.. my mom died when i was 2 caused by a busted gaulblatter! i don’t really remember her, but i wish i did. :( i really wish she could just come back!
love the poem :)

Josely says:

iLove this poem,
hi my name is josely my mom died wen i was 14 on 3/9/09 she died of breast cancer i always asked why she left me and my sisters now my life sucks all bcuz she left.

Krystal says:

hi my name is krystal , my mom passed away on MARCH 9,09 of breast cancer , she was 43 wen she had passed away , she was my everythin but now dat she is not here wit us , my world had gone bad wit out here im nothin , i miss her , love her wit all of my heart , U WILL ALWAY’S BE MISSED AND LOVED , rest in peace mom :(

Reeci says:

I was looking for a poem or a saying that i can get tattooed in loving memory of my mom.. this was really sweet an really hit the spot of hurt.. Great poem..good people never live long.. god needs them by his side..

Vanesa Zermeno says:

Hi my name is Vanesa im 16 and my mother passed away feb.19.09 she died because of the diet pills this poem reminds me of her because she would always tell me not to worry about her and that she was goin to be fine but then that day came and she left this day i wish she was still here with me:( I LOVE U MOM

jessica says:

my mum past away in may 11th 2009, which was about 1 year 2 mouth now and i was looking for a poem to remind me of her, because she passed away at the age of 34.

monica torres says:

on October 3,2009 our beloved Mother pass away leaving 3 daugther and 3 grandchildern and her wounderful husband behind.My mother was 46 years old when she pass with cancer. Untill this day i cant forget the day when we lost her. i miss my mom so bad nothing in this world can ever replace her. So for all those who have their mother a live treasura them cause when their gone their gone.

michelle hopwood says:

hi ma name is michelle my mam passd away on 19 june 2010 she nevr complaind ov e n pain she died ov cancer.also m dad pssd away 12 yrs tis september im so alone nw ther gne i would do e n thng 2 ave them bk ta c ther granchildren grow up also ther gret granchildren love u both so much.R I P ur lovin daughter michellexxx

juan says:

hey my name is juan and im 15 and my mom died 3/13/10 it was really sad im a lonely child and it suck alot being with out her i miss her more and more each day and i was mad at life becaous my mom was the ony thing i had and it was gone and on 9/17/08 my grandmother pass away so everything has been gone i reaally miss them all i just wish i could leaave with them and live happy with them

Nadia says:

after reading this poem , and these comments i’ve got soooo sad , it really brought tears in to my eyes… wish all their souls rest in peace!!!

Erin says:

Great peom! My mom passed a year ago this March 4th, 5 days before her 51st. birthday… I love and miss you mom but atleast you’re at peace and home with dad!

Marie says:

Hi, my names Marie.. My mom passed away when i was 12 i really miss her a lot. She was too young to die! Its so damn unfair! My sister is all i got and my nephew that is closer.I just wish she cud come back. Or i cud of left with her so i can always be with her :'(

I love you mom.. R.I.P
p.s I still wished u squeezed my hand one last time.

Andrew Blair says:

Hey this is Andrew,I just turned eighteen in July and honestly im just wondering if im the only kid that feels lost and scared with little memories of there mother. I feel like im afraid of everything because self esteem lost. My mom passed away when i was six and i just wish I had more than these pictures of her.Sometimes i question god why? Then I came to conclusion that he took her home and i know shes an angel looking down on me.

nahi says:

hi my name is mom is passed away when i was 5 yr.i really miss her a lot.


Jessica Miles says:

hey this is jessica miles i lost my mom a little more then a year now on oct 27 ,2009 she died of cancer at the age of 57 .and i am sure god exactly thought the same before callin my mom to his house ,coz she was so much in pain and now i am in pain coz shes gone god take me too ..

carra marie says:

nice poem…my mom died las july 8,2011…when she was in the hospital she always tell me “KAYA KO PA!”….and this poem is reminding me of her…

Fernando says:

My mother passed away a year ago and this poem is bueatiful and fits her perfectly thank you

Gina says:

I’m 42 years old. I lost my mom Nov. 13, 2006. Until this day, I find myself always ? God why did u take her from me but reading your poem made me see things different. Thank you. Now, I can let go and look forward till the day were reunited again. Thank you once again… Gina

Jennifer says:

Hi, this is Jennifer and I really like this poem. My mom passed away July 3, 2011. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009 and in January of this year we found out the cancer had spread to her brain. The brain cancer is what took her life. I miss my mom everyday. After reading the responses I feel very gratefully I got to spend 32 years with her.
I love you Mom!!!

chelsea says:

hi, l am 39 yrs old and l,ve just lost my 18 year old son. Looking for a poem in loving memory of my son with much love xx

Sarah says:

My Mum Died When I Was 2 Months Old, I Thought It Was My Fault, I Miss You So Much Mummy :'(

jackie says:

My mom passed dec 22 2011 of cancer that she was fighting for 11 years . i am having a terrible time coping i miss her so much and reading this poem seemed to fit exactly what ive been feeling . so i thank you for getting a chance to read this . it was a very hard year for me not only did i loose my mother but also an Aunt and my gradmother .

Samantha says:

My mum dies 2yrs today..16/02/2012. I’m not good with words but when i seen this poem it so reminds me of my mum.All the family miss her lots everyday but know that she is in a better place as she is not in pain anymore.That doesn’t stop us from wanting her back everyday and wishing that she was here with us.

julie says:

this is a lovely poem. Ilost my mum passed away on 17th march 2011 miss you so much mum x

Delroy says:

Just months ago I lost my mother, now i am sure that i will never get over the lost of a dear and loving mom. This poem I dedicate to the memory of mama.

I dreamt last night you held my hand,
But woke and you weren’t there,
And as the teardrops filled my eyes
Your presence filled the air.

I tried again to reach for you,
But found you too far away,
So I began to cry again,
Waiting for the day.

When I see you once again,
I know just what I’ll do,
I’ll gently grab you by the hand,
To make my dream come true.

Tawanda says:

Thank you for a great poem. My pass away two week ago (12/19/2013). I miss her so much. My god bless you.

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