My Country

Britishers came, captured the golden bird,
But its children did not say a word.
The time passed, their empire got vast,
The golden bird cried shrieked with pain,
Now its children broke all their chains.
At last the Britishers decided to leave,
And the golden bird sighed in relief,
Now the country, the India took a re-birth,
And colors filled our world.
Leaders helped our India grow,
“Unity in Diversity” was the mantra-my country followed,
North, south, east, west are all the directions we know,
“India is One” – the whole world knows,
My country is great,
Its cultures we praise!!
My country comprises of 108 lords,
And still we haven’t forgot to respect the British lords,
My country is 5th to reach the moon,
I am sure that my country will be a developed country soon!

This poem was written/submitted by surbhi batra.

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