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From Where Shall I Greatness Buy?

Mom tells me to finish my homework quickly,
When I ask why?, she tells me
“You should become great as great as your dad”.
When I ask, where is my dad Mom?
She tells me, “He is now god’s guest.”
Again when I ask Mom,
“Can I not become great by being the god’s guest”?
She slaps me gently and tells me,
“Now just shut up and get your homework done”.
Little later when I ask she says,
“Your Dad fought like a tiger,
risking his life, he never bothered.
His gun has brought him greatness
and the honour of being the god’s guest.
Again when I ask,
“Do people become great when they fight”?
If so, I will beat in the school,
My friend Philip, with my might.”
Now, Mom calls me stupid and gives me a push.
Crying I go to sleep in her lap,
Now she says, “Tomorrow I will
give you pocket money for ice-cream”.
Wiping my eyes when I ask,
Mom! ”Can I by saving pocket money,
try greatness buy”?
Tell Mom, “From where shall I greatness buy”?
She tells, “Oh god help me”
and begins to cry.

This poem was written/submitted by Dr Sandeep Kumar Kar.

It Takes Courage

It takes Courage to care about each member of the family and the struggles they face!

It takes Courage to care about friends and the daily test they encounter. To let them know you will stand by them through each struggle.

It takes Courage to complete each commitment you make toward others.

It takes Courage to confront the weaknesses in your life and be willing to address needed changes

It takes Courage to confess your thoughtless words or neglectful actions toward a person you love.

It takes Courage to proclaim your faith and convictions to people who are judgmental.

It takes Courage to live each day with Integrity.

It takes Courage to respect others when others show little or no respect for you!

It takes Courage to focus on what remains rather than what you’ve lost

It takes Courage once you recognize that life is a test and your willing to accept the everyday challenges.

This poem was written/submitted by Gene Bedley.

Be Brave!

Be Brave!
Fight those who fight you with

Courage to stand up,
For what’s right!
Courage to stand up,
For the weak!
Courage to know,
When a battle is lost!

Let the passion rise up and erupt,
In a firey blaze!

Be Brave!
Don’t fall to those who are weaker,
And whisper with forked tongues,
When your back is turned.

Use your courage,
To stand your ground,
And not fight back.
Use your courage to,
Forgive those who have wronged you.

Be Brave!
And use your courage to,
Know when to fight.

This poem was written/submitted by Bree Hodges.


Many are the troubles we are confronted with,
Life is no more than a troublesome myth,
Reality is so bizarre and weak,
Sadness and fear has reached its peak.

What we lack is the courage to start,
Yet what we need is just a strong living heart,
Gather your wits all in one part,
And face that evil killing dart.

Whatever will happen, whatever it will take,
You are not going to let it break,
Cross the line and break your fate,
And start to try loving what you hate.

You have the right to decide your life course,
But be ready it may be all hollow and hoarse,
Try all that you can but don’t give up,
If in the end, you want the winning cup.

The courage is all that you need,
In your life, that will be the sowing seed,
It may put you in the lead,
But never will it be the weed.

If you think you are missing something,
Its the courage, the courage, in your ears it will ring.

This poem was written/submitted by Harihara Sudhahar Ramamoorthy.


Courage is Love,
Courage is Strength,
The one thing that gives Life more length.

Brave as a Knight,
Brave as a Mouse,
Courage is what gives family more Unity,
You do not need a large quantity,
But show it protect,
Loved ones from fright.

Courage is Love,
Courage is Strength,
Courage is the Light of a Dove.

This poem was written/submitted by Abi Rodriguez.