Earth Poems


Mankind! Long before your birth,
Alluring was the beauty of Mother Earth.
She bore living things of all kinds.. Plants and insects, animals and birds.
All, an exotic reflection of her biodiversity,
A diversity you have chosen to destroy!
Why.. Mankind.. Why?

Mankind! Onto the face of the earth you strolled in,
Bringing up the rear in all her children.
You were meant to be the pride of all creation,
But you chose to be the bane of life by bringing destruction.
Why.. Mankind.. Why?

Mankind! To all life, Mother Earth has been so kind!
Like the mother hen she nurtured her little chicks with affection,
As she toiled to provide food season after season with dedication.
Even to you Mankind, she gave the best in proportion,
Only to be sentenced by your actions in damnation!
Why.. Mankind.. Why?

Mankind! You were created to walk but you chose to walk and fly!
If only you flew like a bird, it might just have been perfect.
But No! You fly in all sorts exuding all sorts.
Now Mother Earth is filled with all sorts because you choose to ride in all sorts.
Why.. Mankind.. why?

Mankind! You have an insatiable desire to acquire.
You plunder the earth with impunity,
Oil, coal and iron you chase in disunity,
Fighting even your own kind for control and quantity,
Just to live a life of environmental insanity!
Why.. Mankind.. Why?

Mankind! Perhaps you have forgotten so soon!
The La NiƱa drought of 2000, the heat wave in Europe in 2003,
The tragedy of the cyclone in Myanmar in 2008, the constant melting of polar ice caps,
All a consequence of your actions and inactions!
You leave the problems for tomorrow’s generation
Running away for your present tribulation.
Why.. Mankind.. Why?

Mankind! When will you repent of your evil ways?
When will you stop biting the hands that have fed you?
When will you love mother earth like she loves you?
And stop writing her dirge with your actions?
Mother earth looks upon you with her painful eyes
Sobbing and asking you why,
Why.. Mankind.. Why?

This poem was written/submitted by ashwini .


Earth’s Future

Barren land,
Full of sand.
Floods and famine,
And no place for metals to mine.
Sun rays hot and direct,
Causing hazardous effect.
Fresh air,
Found nowhere.
Volcanoes and earthquakes,
Occurring with no breaks.
Human beings crying,
And animals dying.
For pure water to drink,
When rivers themselves shrink.
This is the future of earth,
Which was never thought during its birth.

This poem was written/submitted by Pelika Gupta.