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Be With One Who Makes You Happy


3 Poems About Happiness

happiness is happiness
happiness makes you whisper
happiness makes you love
happiness takes command
happiness makes you calm
happiness gives you comfort
happiness is happy
happiness is Murmur
happiness turned people to love you
happiness is love
happiness is honesty
happiness forms peace
happiness is what were waiting
happiness is deep inside
happiness is gonna save us
happiness might just help me find true love

happiness is being home again
happiness is walking in the rain
happiness is walking with no pain
happiness to see my humble home
happiness at not being alone
happiness to sit, and not to roam
happiness is family to me
happiness in faces i long to see
happiness is once more being free

happiness is my high
happiness feels great inside
happiness is guite rare
happiness is barley there
happiness comes when i am around friends
happiness never ends
happiness i want more
happiness i adore
happiness is when my mum calls
happiness is when watching water falls
happiness is my high
happiness feels good inside

This poem was written/submitted by amber.


I Am Completely Happy


Be With One Who Makes You Happy


Be Happy Always


You Are Best Thing



Happiness is happiness,
Happiness makes you whisper,
Happiness makes you love,
Happiness takes command,
Happiness makes you calm,
Happiness gives you comfort,
Happiness makes you happy,
Happiness makes you Murmur,
Happiness turned people to love you,
Happiness is love,
Happiness is honesty,
Happiness forms peace,
Happiness is what were waiting,
Happiness is deep down inside,
Happiness is gonna save us,
Happiness might just help me find true love.

This poem was written/submitted by Anonymous.

Happiness Is..

Happiness is an ice cream cone
with a chocolate coating,
and lots and lots of sprinkles.
Happiness is a child’s laughter.
Happiness is two people holding hands
while walking dreamily in the park.
Happiness is two people in love.
Happiness is the splashing of the waves
while sitting under the stars on the beach.
Happiness is the sounds of a carnival,
with rides, laughter, and games.
Happiness is winning a teddy bear
from the dart game at the fair.
Happiness is a smile
on a cloudy, dreary day.
Happiness is helping someone
from deep in your heart.
Happiness is dining out at a very
special place, on a very special day.
Happiness is saying, “I do”.
Happiness is catching the bridal bouquet.
Happiness is a leisurely Sunday drive
down a peaceful country road.
Happiness is all of this
and much, much more.
Happiness is in your mind,
and what you make of it.

This poem was written/submitted by Barbara Lynn Terry.

The Most Happiest Man..

Happiness is the most important
thing for you to achieve in your life,
Happiness can not be gained,
It is earned by your heart.
Happiness can be found,
When you are close to God and obeying his words.
Happiness can be found,
When you show your kindness to others.
Happiness can be found,
When you are nice to those you hate.
Happiness can be found,
When you help others.
Happiness are the love and kindness,
And learn to enjoy what ever comes along.
Happiness is not far away from you,
It is close to you heart.
Happiness is serving God for all eternity,
and once you fulfilled your wish,
then you are the most happiest man.

This poem was written/submitted by Ravi Sathasivam.

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