Summer Season

Posted in Summer on July 27th, 2008

It is the best season,
Do you know what’s the reason?
Summer holidays! Yeah,
This is the reason,
This season is children’s.
Best friend,
It is an old trend.
It is full of enjoyment,
That God has sent.
None does it ever before,
We want it more and more.
We always remain in good mood,
And eat lot of junk food.
We never fall sick,
It’s our health trick.
What is it? I can’t tell,
Howsoever, you may compel,
We pray that it never ends,
Thank God for the holidays he send.

This poem was written/submitted by Sirjandeep.

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  1. 1. Aishwarya Said:

    thanks,you help me for my project.
    thanks a lot…….

  2. 2. sidhi Said:

    thanxs a lot ………

  3. 3. Ajay Seth Said:

    Thanks, you made my 8 yrs daughter happy.

  4. 4. monika Said:

    Thanks I was looking for a summer poem for my son’s holiday home work.

  5. 5. such it is very interesting Said:

    i like this type of poems too much

  6. 6. bittle Said:

    it helped me alot ……..
    i was just looking for a summer poem
    thanks a alot …………

  7. 7. Jamohn Said:


  8. 8. Skyler! Said:

    We’re doing a poetry project and all I could find is gayy poems.. Then i found this:)

  9. 9. jass Said:

    please give me some poems for my project

  10. 10. kritika Said:

    At last I found a classic piece for my project work

  11. 11. Anandita Said:

    Thanx very much for writing this poem bcoz it helped me out in my project..

  12. 12. KARAMJIT KAUR Said:

    really really really, its best poem,its language is so simple that every small childern can follow it easily. thank you very much for this sweet poem.

  13. 13. ashish Said:

    thanks i like this poems very much

  14. 14. Pranjal Said:

    Ya! This poem really helped me out for mine project……..

  15. 15. sumu Said:

    thanx a lot for the poem…

  16. 16. geetika Said:

    thanks a lot 4 the poem…………..

  17. 17. parikshit Said:


  18. 18. Sirjan Said:

    Hey thnx to u for liking my poem… :) i wrote it when i was in 8th standard… However now m in +2 … I have written a book of poems ‘whispers of the heart’
    Do check it :)
    Thnx again

  19. 19. sohajbir Said:

    This poem is from the book Whispers of the Heart By Sirjandeep Kaur Ubha.. You can find more poems by purchasing that Book.. Gud job Sirjan…

  20. 20. sukrat Ubha Said:

    perfect for everyone, very nice enjoyed it.

  21. 21. Bhavya Said:

    Thanks, You help me for my project.
    Thanks a Lot.

  22. 22. Sirjan Said:

    Thank You everybody once again for liking my poem. It feels good if I have helped you all in your project works. Thanks guys.

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