The Way You Make Me Feel

I know you are busy but please take time to listen what my heart wants to say.. Since the day I met you, I can’t forget the smile you brought to my face that blown me away.

You are always running in my mind in everything I do.. You are all that I see and I long to chat with you again another day, I never stop talking about you and what you do to me coz I always want to let people know what kind of feeling is inside of me.

The first time I ever saw you for real my heart beats like a drum and turned on fire, my body was filled with lust and desire, your eyes pierced my soul, in my mind I knew that my love was bound.

Your eyes was so sparkling that can paint a smile in my heart, your touch is so divine. I can hardly found the right word to define how I really feel that time, from that moment on I wished you we’re mine forever.

I’m so blessed that I have you now in my life although there we’re times when we would fight but it would always work out for the better because we were just so tight.

Even when we are far apart nothing can stop us not even distance or time, it was as though we were invincible and I wanted your heart to always be mine ’til the last beat.

Till now I couldn’t believe that you are mine, it was such a wonderful start that I never thought we come this far, it was a mystery to me but in my heart I know you are the only one for me. You are my soul mate, my lover and my friend.

I love you and I always will forever coz I love the way you make me feel.

This poem was written/submitted by Maricel Macabodbod Sidle.

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7 Responses on “The Way You Make Me Feel”

skye says:

i loved this poem it brought thoughts 2 my mind when i started readin it…i feel that same way

skye says:

i love this brought thoughts 2 my mind when i read it..i feel the same way.

Rebecca Figueroa says:

i love this poem its sooo true and expresses my true feelings…..

Tiffany Brimmer says:

i emailed this to my boyfriend and he cried…i love it its a work of art from a true genius

kisha says:

love it

stacey says:

i loved this poem it made me think about my past relationship and how much i do still love my ex but i really messed up and i dont know what to do to fix it.

maricel says:

there are more poems that i wrote about family and soon i will be posting it again in here…thanks for the comments guys and it makes me more wanting to write lots based on my experiences and in my soul :)

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