True Happiness

The smile across her face is reflected in her eyes,
This happiness she has, it’s not a lie.
If she could, she would scream and jump for joy,
But this happiness isn’t coming from a toy.
Her cheeks hurt for smiling so long,
I think she might start to sing a song.
A song about true happiness,
A feeling that she found in her heart.
This happiness, she wants everyone to be apart of.
This happiness is never to be taken away,
She wants it so badly to stay.
For all her life she’s been sad and lonely,
But she finally found a cure,
So please don’t ruin it for her.

This poem was written/submitted by Gabby Bolduc.

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12 Responses to “True Happiness”

  1. andré says:

    Hello, I think this is a very good poem, because It shows the beauty side of happiness

  2. andré says:

    Hello, I think this is a very good poem, because It shows the beauty side of happiness.

  3. Jody Dixon says:

    I will give you 1,000 dollars if i had it for this poem its briliant
    sincerely Jody Dixon

  4. A$HL3Y says:

    This is a bery inspireing poem i i wish i could write poems and inspire people!!!

  5. zandy says:

    wonderful poem. . . it reflects on whats my life has been about lately.

  6. * doneyhesh* says:

    beautful poems but it will be good if rhuming words are in the end

  7. Maria says:

    Nice poems. Keep on writing them.

  8. Christie says:

    I love this poem. It shows how much happiness means to this girl or lady.

  9. Madie says:

    just stumbled across this poem…it reminded me of myself.
    its very good. thank you

  10. Dee says:

    this poem reminds me of my best friend. once i read this i almost cried.

    this will be by far most my favorite poem ever. :)

  11. anchal says:

    i like it so much it gives a spirit of living

  12. madhuri chitnis says:

    so sweet

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