When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Posted in In Loving Memory on January 21st, 2014

When tomorrow starts without me,
And I’m not here to see.
If the sun should rise and find your
eyes filled with tears for me.

I wish so much you wouldn’t cry,
the way you did today.
While thinking of the many things
we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you love me,
as much as I love you.
And each time you think of me,
I know you’ll miss me, too.

But when tomorrow starts without me,
Please try to understand.
That Jesus came and called my name
And took me by the hand.

And said my place was ready
in heaven far above.
And that I’d have to leave behind
all those I dearly love.

So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don’t think we’re far apart.
For every time you think of me,
I’m right here in your heart.

This poem was written/submitted by David Romano.

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  1. 1. LOU Said:

    So moving, So perfect for my situation Thank you

  2. 2. venu Said:

    wonderful,u have put in life in words……..

  3. 3. jamanda Said:

    This Is Really Sad. A Friend Of Mine Used This Poem At A Funeral Remembering A Loved One Of Hers Named Corey…Thanks For Such A Great Poem As This One, Often Gets Used The Most : I Really Enjoyed Reading This Made Me Think Of My Grandma When She Died….
    Thanks So Much, Jamanda

  4. 4. teddie hughes Said:

    My daughter had her baby 14 weeks early on 4th december 2008, baby Delphine only lived for 17 minutes those few preciouse moments will be in our hearts and minds forever. this poem was perfect for us, thank you.

  5. 5. Shannon Said:

    This Poem is Beautiful.

  6. 6. Jennifer Newham Said:

    This poem is so beautiful. I just lost my grandfather and when I read it all I could do was think about him. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem that means so much.

  7. 7. angela Said:

    I really liked the poem cause I never got to say goodbye to my brother.He passed away on November 8,2009. And its been hard for me

  8. 8. Jade Hilke Said:

    Rest in Peace Daniel Delk. This poem will be Olivia’s room and she will remember you, miss you, and love you always. I hope you are watching down on her from heaven above. We will all see you in another life.


    Olivia, Mandy, Keith, Landon, Trace, Mama, Robert, Morgan, Daddy, Denise, Marci, Katie, Taylor, Granny, Papa Bud, Papa Delk, and the rest of the “clan!” We love you and miss you very much. God Bless you and keep you always. Daniel Boyd Delk 8/25/79-12/01/09

  9. 9. Esther Said:

    Thank-you for writing such a beautiful poem. It was one of my brother’s favorites and he wanted it read at the time of his passing. Thank-you so much!

  10. 10. marie spivey Said:

    this poem is beautiful. i never got to say goodbye to my sister who passed away in her sleep.but this poem really has helped me in my time of mourning.

  11. 11. Reabetswe Said:

    Thanks for this lovely poem,thought it was the end of my life after the death of my father MPHO MOLEFE,could not accept his death but after reading this poem my spirit was uplifted,now i know he is with me,I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU DADDY,HIS LOVING DAUGHTER, REABETSWE {MA ZINGAWINGS}MOLEFE.

  12. 12. joyce Said:

    sorry to hear about the people that lost their lives out there sorry xx

  13. 13. Bonnie Said:

    Thank you David Romano for this heartfelt poem. I read it today at my cousins’ funeral service. He was my cousin’s husband of 32 years. I read your poem to her, because I knew your poem would comfort her sorrow and pain.

  14. 14. Leon Corns Said:

    I will read this poem at my Grandmothers Funeral on Friday 9th July 2010. My mother asked me if i’d like to do a reading after a neighbour pushed it through her door. It seems so lovely and right for my gran. I wanted to know who wrote it and thank them.

  15. 15. shirley Said:

    that was really beautyful i know how you feel i have lost both my parents, and theres still a huge hole left in my heart nothing that no one can say can make you feel better the hurt is still there, keeping you in my prayers shirley

  16. 16. Bkhan Said:

    A very heart touching poem… Brought tears to my eyes… Lost my dad a few months ago.

  17. 17. Denise Rivera Said:

    Thank you for sharing. I recently loss my bother and this poem made me feel close to him.

  18. 18. Andrea Said:

    This was read at my aunts funeral today and I wanted to tell you it is a beautiful poem. It is calming for the family and it suited her personality perfectly. It was the perfect end to a beautiful ceremony, thank you.

  19. 19. Tonya Said:

    Thank you for sharing this poem. We have a memorial service at church for the loved ones that has left us, and this poem is read to comfort the families.

  20. 20. Brooklynn Said:

    My best friend Emi, just lost the love of her life they were engaged for just a week he died in a horific car accident.Somehow this poem came to me and i new it was meant for her,so i sent it to her i hope it gives her piece of mind. Thank you author of this wonderfull heart felt piece of art.
    In loving memory Dalton Randall…

  21. 21. lee priddis Said:

    this poem was read at my nans funeral.Still gets me everytime i read it.Such a perfect poem that i had it tattoo’d on my back. Thankyou David Romano for such a meaningful poem.

  22. 22. Tracy Said:

    A perfect poem for my husband, who just recently lost his father. It brought tears to my eyes- thank you for sharing this.

  23. 23. sherry Said:

    Lost my mother, my world. This gives me some help.

  24. 24. Tatyana Said:

    Two month ago I lost my daughter. Thank you David Romano for this poem. I read it today and it was a comfort to me in my sorrow and pain.

  25. 25. Isaiah torres Said:

    my grandma died yesterday this poem fixes everything so touching thanks david
    i love you grandma

  26. 26. Paul Said:

    I lost my 22yr old daughter Laura 6 weeks ago and we are still in agony.
    The funeral home had Laura’s picture embedded with your beautiful poem.
    I look at her picture and read the poem every night before I go to bed. Just reading the words brings me to tears every time, I believe it’s my way of healing.
    Thank you for the words, only someone who has lost a child could possible understand the unbearable pain that brings one to their knees

  27. 27. Shelle Said:

    Beautiful…….I could hear my Mom’s voice as I read this. I miss her so very very much! Thank you for writing and sharing this with us.

  28. 28. lynda jones Said:

    This poem is so fitting to how I feel,I think of my mother and my sister,and how much I miss and love them Thank you so much,for these beautiful words.

  29. 29. donna Said:

    so beatiful and so sad i lost my husband Dec.19, 2011 he went in his sleep if only i had woke up an hour earlier maybe i could have done something or said one more time i love you,i miss him so much.

  30. 30. Carl Said:

    I read this poem to my mother at my father’s memorial last Friday. Appropriate, moving, soothing and comforting. Eased the pain of an otherwise sad occasion. Thanks for making it available on line.

  31. 31. Joyce Said:

    This poem is so beautiful. I plan to have it included in my program when that time comes.
    Reminds me of all my loved ones who have gone on to that Heavenly home. mom, dad, sister, brother and many aunts, uncles, cousins and loads of friends.
    Thank you so much for this great and moving poem.

  32. 32. caroline mcclay Said:

    thank you for this lovely poem. We had this read out at my dad’s funeral recently and it was very moving.

    thank you xxx

  33. 33. Tina Said:

    I lost my 19 year old brother to a 4 wheeler accident on June 14 2008. I look at this poem every year on that day and just wish I could go back for 5 mins and tell him how much I love him or even more I wish that my beautiful daughter could have meet him.
    RIP Clifford Edward Akins we miss u so much

  34. 34. Glennda J Woodke Said:

    This poem was done so perfectly. Thank you for sharing it. I used it in the card I gave to the family. I can picture and hear my dear friend Bill saying this to all of his daughters. He lived a long and beautiful life of 93 years.

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