You Are So Beautiful

She is beautiful,
She is beautiful with make up on,
She is beautiful without it on,
She is beautiful right after running miles on the treadmill.

She is beautiful when she isn’t smiling,
She is beautiful when she is smirking,
She is beautiful when she is smiling.

She is beautiful inside,
She is beautiful out,
Her hair is perfect,
Oh, she is beautiful.

Sometimes she isn’t paying attention to me and I will stare at her,
She can feel me staring so she looks and I turn up a smirk,
Then full smile,
Then she follows,
I love making her smile,
I love your smile.
You are so Beautiful..

This poem was written/submitted by Aidan Keith.

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  1. Hitman says:

    Dude really beautiful poetry Hope u got more ^^

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