You Lost Me

You said you’d be better,
Said you wouldn’t hurt me,
Like he did.
Only to hurt me worse,
You said he was a jerk,
And didn’t know what he was missing out on,
Now you’re missing out,
You said you care about me,
That you were scared to lose me
But the moment you hurt me,
You lost me.
You said you’d try harder,
Than any other guy out there,
To show me I’ve picked the right one.
But you’ve only showed how I picked wrong.
You told me you’d always be here,
Always be my friend, to be trusted.
But you lied.
You weren’t better, you didn’t care,
You didn’t try harder.
You’re never here any more.
Not always to be my friend.
Not always to be trusted.
I lost you.
And you lost me.

This poem was written/submitted by Dakota Lynn.

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3 Responses on “You Lost Me”

Rebecca Figueroa says:

dakota i can relate to u completely…that was everythin ma bf did 2 me wen he sed he cared for and loved me and then he broke my <3

puleng says:

This is so deep…..i once told myself that i’d rather be hurt by someone else but him again.

Char says:

Amazing~ I can completely relate!!!

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